Skywatch is located in Wilmington NC. We are a non profit wild bird rescue. We are not funded by the city or state and are completely dependent on donations from the public.  If you live outside NC and need help with an injured bird, you can go on your state's fish & wildlife Service website and find a referral there. Also call you local animal control office and ask for a referral. You local vets offices and/or humane society should also be able to point you in the right direction. (most of these organizations do not rescue wildlife or birds , but they can give you a referral) You have to make sure the person you give the bird to has a FEDERAL permit and is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, not just a someone who has pet birds, or a good Samaritan neighbor or friend. There are federals laws surrounding wild birds, they are not just like cats, dogs or pet birds. Legally you must get the birds to a licensed rehabilitator within 24 hours. You cannot legally try to raise or help the bird yourself. 

 If you live in North Carolina and came across a bird that you think may be in need of help, please read the Injured Birds, Baby Birds and Bird 411 pages on this site for more information on  what to do when you find one.

Please read that information first before calling us as it might answer a lot of your questions so we can keep the rescue line open for emergencies.

 If you have read the information are still certain the bird you found truly needs help give us a call: 910-274-8479, leave a message and we will call you right back. Speak clearly & slowly  and leave your phone number. (we don't call back  if you don't leave a message with your number)

Please note that you can't keep the bird or try to raise/rehab the bird yourself. It's against federal law for which there are hefty fines from the Fish & Wildlife Service. As a good samaritan you can posses a bird only while actively seeking help in a timely manner and no more than 24hrs. Violating this federal law will result in a fine of over $10 000. If transportation is an issue, call so we can make arrangements to help transport the bird in for help. Baby birds need help immediately so don't wait, call right away for best chances of survival. For true baby birds every minute delay causes them to become more hypothermic.

What is SkyWatch?​

SkyWatch Bird Rescue is a nonprofit volunteer group committed to the rescue of injured and orphaned wild birds. We are a bird rescue group lead by a wildlife professional who works endlessly to help every wild bird in need. Did you know wildlife rescue in not funded by the city, state or government? Our rescue work is run by a team of kindhearted volunteers and is completely dependent on public donations. We are proud to be truly 100% nonprofit. This means no one is paid for their time and commitment in helping these birds, including the founder and director, Amelia Mason who personally invests about 130 hours a week for free to keep the rescue going. All the help we offer to the community and the birds is funded by public donations. Our efforts are not funded or subsidized in any way. Donations from caring citizens like you is all that keep the rescue doors open. We make every penny stretch to help the injured birds because they don't have healthcare or retirement! We do our best to make sure injured birds in and around Wilmington, NC don't have to suffer. 

Want to help?

Donations and the support from our team of excellent volunteers pay for all of the rescue's needs like vet bills, medications, housing, transportation, food, and supplies. A combined time investment of approximately 140 hours a week is given from our group of volunteers and the director to help keep the rescue efforts going. In summer we can get up to 40 phone calls a day from local citizens needing help with injured birds they discover. We offer help 7 days a week, not taking a break even on holidays, all for free. We make every penny count but what keeps us open every day year after year is people like you. Show you appreciation for our help by making a donation.

    Interested in donating or volunteering? Check out our How to Help, Volunteer and Donate pages. You can also click on the donate button at the top of this page.

SkyWatch is committed to giving each bird a "Chance To Soar Once More."
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